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  1. 16 Jul 2019 la 17:11

    I love the Gilmore Girls?!

  2. 17 Jul 2019 la 00:50

    I know, right?!

  3. 27 Jul 2019 la 03:37

    Why isn’t any of this in English??? Yes I love love love the show!!!

  4. 29 Jul 2019 la 23:47

    i think that this first Suki is better then the one they went with.

  5. 30 Jul 2019 la 01:56

    Myke are you kidding???!!!! She was awful!!!

  6. 1 Aug 2019 la 23:31

    Ashleigh, this blog is mostly in Romanian cos I'm Romanian and my audience is here. I sometimes write in English, but it's not like I have an international audience.

    Myke, I totally agree with Janet. Nobody is better than Melissa McCarthy to play Sookie St. James!

  7. 10 Aug 2019 la 03:06

    How did you get a hold of this?

  8. 10 Aug 2019 la 11:23

    @Max, I found it online about 10 years ago or more. By then, the series had ended and the fans were putting out different things they had in storage.

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