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  1. 16 Jul 2019 la 17:11

    I love the Gilmore Girls?!

  2. 17 Jul 2019 la 00:50

    I know, right?!

  3. 27 Jul 2019 la 03:37

    Why isn’t any of this in English??? Yes I love love love the show!!!

  4. 29 Jul 2019 la 23:47

    i think that this first Suki is better then the one they went with.

  5. 30 Jul 2019 la 01:56

    Myke are you kidding???!!!! She was awful!!!

  6. 1 Aug 2019 la 23:31

    Ashleigh, this blog is mostly in Romanian cos I'm Romanian and my audience is here. I sometimes write in English, but it's not like I have an international audience.

    Myke, I totally agree with Janet. Nobody is better than Melissa McCarthy to play Sookie St. James!

  7. 10 Aug 2019 la 03:06

    How did you get a hold of this?

  8. 10 Aug 2019 la 11:23

    @Max, I found it online about 10 years ago or more. By then, the series had ended and the fans were putting out different things they had in storage.

  9. 11 Nov 2019 la 19:52

    So funny that searching for this unaired pilot, I find it on a page of a fellow Aerosmith super fan. LOL. My two major obsessions in my life are Aerosmith and Gilmore Girls.

  10. 11 Nov 2019 la 20:16

    Yep, you got me :) I'm a big Aerosmith fan and also a Gilmore Girls fan. Weird for a guy - so I was told :D

    Nice to meet you, Carol!


  11. 14 Dec 2019 la 19:20

    Sookie wzs played by the same person tbat played Drella, and lager tbe real estate agent in Day in the Life.

  12. 14 Dec 2019 la 19:23

    Yep, you're right, Penny!

    In this original pilot, Sookie is played by Alex Borstein, who actually has another role in Gilmore Girls later on down the road (as Drella, the harp player). At the time this was filmed, Borstein was also part of MadTV, and couldn’t get out of her contract. So, she was replaced by Melissa McCarthy.

  13. 3 Feb 2020 la 04:01

    Loose the "the". Just... Gilmore Girls ❤️😍💕

  14. 5 Feb 2020 la 07:18

    This was amazing!! I shared your site with a couple friends who are also diehard GG fans and they loved it!! <3 And I agree with Janet, Melissa McCarthy was a much better Sookie than Borsein. She was so much more animated. When she acted out how she got the rip in the back of her coat when Lorelei took her Gran to the Inn was hilarious!!

  15. 5 Feb 2020 la 12:41

    Thanks, Michele, for spreading the word about the blog :)

    Melissa McCarthy was hilarious so many times! :D

  16. 23 Feb 2020 la 10:56

    Have you got any more Gilmore girls things , sorry I can’t read Romanian

  17. 23 Feb 2020 la 21:02

    Donna, you look like a big fan of the Gilmore Girls series. I've written about the show in Romanian, but there's not many hidden gems like this unaired pilot. There are some other posts about shooting locations and stuff like that.

    But if you live in the US, you should deffinitely visit the Warner Bros studios where the show was filmed:


    I wanna go there one day...

  18. 1 Apr 2020 la 04:01

    Different Dean?

  19. 1 Apr 2020 la 12:37

    Yeah! Different many things!

  20. 9 Aug 2020 la 15:42

    Uau, am gasit asta intr-un thread pe reddit si nu pot sa cred ca e pe un blog romanesc! Esti super:D

  21. 9 Aug 2020 la 16:32

    Mersi frumos, Cristina. Ma bucur cand sa intalnesc (virtual) si alti fani ai serialului :)

  22. 13 Aug 2020 la 07:42

    Thank you for posting this.....mulțumesc!!!! This is so awesome that you have this. I am a Gilmore Girls super fan who happens to be married to a Moldovan. Small world!

  23. 13 Aug 2020 la 09:49

    Cu placere, Tara! (you're welcome). It's a small world, indeed! :)

  24. 19 Aug 2020 la 14:27

    Oh, dear, I'm so glad they redid it :D. I mean, everyone seemed to have better chemistry in the other pilot and some of the punchlines and scene were really well redone, for example Sookie's chaos in the kitchen before Lorelai comes with the news of Chilton, and the scene when they tell Rory, sooo much better in the second one. But there is still charm in this one :D

  25. 19 Aug 2020 la 18:55

    Alex Borstein also played "Miss Celine" the fashion maven in GG's.

  26. 8 Oct 2020 la 02:36

    Rory also sounds less like herself in this pilot, her voice is usually a bit higher and more peppy- here she seems more monotonous. I'm glad Alexis changed this for the rest of the show.

  27. 18 Oct 2020 la 16:01

    They probably analyzed every second of this pilot and fixed all holes. That's why I love Amy Sherman-Palladino :)

  28. 9 Nov 2020 la 09:55

    Thanks!!! This is gold! Im gonna spread your blog like a chantry sister . <3

  29. 9 Nov 2020 la 10:30

    Much obliged, sir! :D

  30. 1 Dec 2020 la 00:33

    Hey you guys, does anybody know what's the book Rory's reading when she argues with Lorelay in bed?

  31. 1 Dec 2020 la 00:43

    Looks like a dummy book, to be honest.

  32. 6 Dec 2020 la 10:51

    I don’t get why everyone gets so hung up on original Sookie I think original Dean was the worst part of this

  33. 16 Jan 2021 la 17:36

    Different house also and different into. Town looked slightly different. Felt like a 80s/90s show. Most characters were same only a few different

  34. 17 Jan 2021 la 15:04

    Lizabeth, take into consideration that this version is "shown as it was shot" - no post-production, color grading or any other editing that is usually done.

  35. 19 Jan 2021 la 09:59

    They took the right decision not to air this one! Gilmore girls was all about that vibe we feel when we watch the show and this episode, it barely has that vibe. And Suki and Dean, it’s great that they changed the actors. And the background music, theme, products designing etc. hats off for the producers for coming up with a whole new series even after finishing this episode.

  36. 19 Jan 2021 la 12:33

    My sentiments exactly, Dulaj Dee!

  37. 22 Feb 2021 la 19:11

    woah! i don’t like sookie or dean in this. it’s weird!

  38. 6 Apr 2021 la 10:53

    So happy to find this pilot show! And I am also an Aerosmith superfan, Steven Tyler stepped on my finger one time, it was so amazing.

  39. 6 Apr 2021 la 21:49

    Jacqueline, huge Aerosmith fan myself, but I guess you know that by now. Where are you from?
    And yeah, be sure never to lose that finger ;)

  40. 20 Jun 2021 la 06:19

    Totally floored… fan for 20+ years as most of us were/still are to find gems - struck gold…

  41. 24 Jun 2021 la 20:05

    Much appreciated! Fascinating. Glad we got a replacement Sookie.

  42. 15 Oct 2021 la 11:18

    I didn't care for the first Sookie and Dean. Love the new ones. Plus Jared is a cutie

  43. 13 Jan 2022 la 10:48

    I just got back from a vacation in California where I did the Warner Bros Studio Tour. I was lucky enough to get a personal tour of Stars Hollow because our original guide forgot to take us by the gazebo. I told another guide this and he took us out on a golf cart to tour it and we got to go inside all of the houses used for the show. I am a Gilmore Girls super fan and it was amazing. I never thought to look up the original pilot until now. Thank you!! It’s so cool to see the differences.

  44. 13 Jan 2022 la 10:55

    D. Harris, I envy you so much :)

    I live on the other side of the world and I'm happy to hear the GG tour is still going strong. Maybe someday I'll get to take a trip there myself!

  45. 24 Mar 2022 la 01:49

    Ashleigh is an awful name awfully written.. why don't you have a decent name?

    you know, not everybody talks in english or is a content that needs to be in english. if you don't like it just search for a web translator, got it?

  46. 24 Mar 2022 la 03:09

    I don't prefer either Suki.. really dimwit characters. They force a lot of acting in this pilot, way more than in the aired one. Also, too much "I'm doing a lot of clumsy things and I didn't even noticed!!" kind of thing that is really ridiculous on suki's part.

    and what about Lorelei sending her daughter to a private really expensive school?? Wasn't she against it for herself and yet she said that Rory gets to live what she couldn't? and what was up with the "I'm surprised that the tuition is really high!?? Wasn't there a reasonable angle to engage her parents to pay for Chilton instead of this unbelievable script?

    Emily and Richard's actors are really well as always.. but I always thought that Emily plays too much of an harpy,...

    Dean character not fitting really.. sorry about the actor that missed the opportunity of his life...

    Music: I don't care for this music.. or the one from the original. I mean.. I'm binge watching in a marathon this tv show and I'm going crazy with the slow "la la la la la la laaaa la la laaaaa" and the speedy "la la la lalalalalal lalala"

  47. 20 Apr 2022 la 20:29

    Elisa, don't be mean to Ashleigh :) But I get your point and you're right.

    Gilmore Girls doesn't make sense at all times, just like you pointed out. But that's why it's fun, because it's a fantasy world where rules don't apply that much. It's a place where most of us would like to live. Unfortunately, we're stuck in our world, with Covid, wars, famine, inequality... And we watch Gilmore Girls and we feel better for an hour or two.

    Personally, I like the music. I binge-watched the DVDs about 15 years ago and the music wasn't annoying for me. It's 'happy carefree' music, just like the show :)

  48. 10 May 2022 la 21:44

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  49. 3 Jun 2022 la 11:00

    the 'drop the "the", just gilmore girls' said in the year in the life has so much more meaning now!

  50. 23 Nov 2022 la 04:06

    omg I'm so glad to have the better people in the better pilot

  51. 13 Apr 2023 la 07:29

    Thank you for sharing this unaired episode! I just watch this unaired episode and the aired pilot on Netflix side by side on my laptop. There many scences from this unaired pilot that were reused.

    Alex Borstein had to drop out of Gilmore Girls because she was was on MADtv and Fox television refused to let Alex be on the Gilmore Girls. Interesting Alex's real life husband is Jackson Douglas, played Jackson Belleville, Sookie St. James husband on the Gilmore Girls. Alex admits that is would have been a bit strange to play husband and wife on the show. Thank you again for letting us go down memory lane!

  52. 13 Apr 2023 la 11:05

    Nancy, thanks for the info, it was cool to learn that!

  53. 9 Aug 2023 la 09:46

    gilmore girls for life i love it funniest drama show ever XD ! <3 love it!

  54. 13 Aug 2023 la 03:53

    Wow! Just seeing the unaired pilot has me going back down a GG hole lol. Now I’ll be re watching again the entire show! So glad the actors for Suki and Dean were changed. They had much better chemistry than the original characters did. And the music and quality was much better in the shown GG. But amazing to watch a “new” episode of GG after all this time haha. Thank you for sharing this! Truly a special gift to us GG fans ! Much love to all my fellow fans !

  55. 3 Mar 2024 la 00:41

    Some of this other town setting were still in the aired episode. I do think they chose a lot better music for the final version.

    A lot of the shots of Sookie look like they were just copied over too.

    I think the biggest difference is Dean, I think the aired pilot does a better job of selling the cool new guy thing - especially with him saying that he watches her - that didn’t really happen in this old one. Plus, this Dean doesn’t seem too into Rory, making it make a lot less sense when she doesn’t want to go to chilton anymore. Thanks for posting :)

  56. 3 Mar 2024 la 19:44

    Maggie, I'm glad you enjoyed it and that this awesome series still has its fans after all these years. It's a feel-good show without violence, sex, guns or any woke stuff. A true gem.

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