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  1. 16 Jul 2019 la 17:11

    I love the Gilmore Girls?!

  2. 17 Jul 2019 la 00:50

    I know, right?!

  3. 27 Jul 2019 la 03:37

    Why isn’t any of this in English??? Yes I love love love the show!!!

  4. 29 Jul 2019 la 23:47

    i think that this first Suki is better then the one they went with.

  5. 30 Jul 2019 la 01:56

    Myke are you kidding???!!!! She was awful!!!

  6. 1 Aug 2019 la 23:31

    Ashleigh, this blog is mostly in Romanian cos I'm Romanian and my audience is here. I sometimes write in English, but it's not like I have an international audience.

    Myke, I totally agree with Janet. Nobody is better than Melissa McCarthy to play Sookie St. James!

  7. 10 Aug 2019 la 03:06

    How did you get a hold of this?

  8. 10 Aug 2019 la 11:23

    @Max, I found it online about 10 years ago or more. By then, the series had ended and the fans were putting out different things they had in storage.

  9. 11 Nov 2019 la 19:52

    So funny that searching for this unaired pilot, I find it on a page of a fellow Aerosmith super fan. LOL. My two major obsessions in my life are Aerosmith and Gilmore Girls.

  10. 11 Nov 2019 la 20:16

    Yep, you got me :) I'm a big Aerosmith fan and also a Gilmore Girls fan. Weird for a guy - so I was told :D

    Nice to meet you, Carol!


  11. 14 Dec 2019 la 19:20

    Sookie wzs played by the same person tbat played Drella, and lager tbe real estate agent in Day in the Life.

  12. 14 Dec 2019 la 19:23

    Yep, you're right, Penny!

    In this original pilot, Sookie is played by Alex Borstein, who actually has another role in Gilmore Girls later on down the road (as Drella, the harp player). At the time this was filmed, Borstein was also part of MadTV, and couldn’t get out of her contract. So, she was replaced by Melissa McCarthy.

  13. 3 Feb 2020 la 04:01

    Loose the "the". Just... Gilmore Girls ❤️😍💕

  14. 5 Feb 2020 la 07:18

    This was amazing!! I shared your site with a couple friends who are also diehard GG fans and they loved it!! <3 And I agree with Janet, Melissa McCarthy was a much better Sookie than Borsein. She was so much more animated. When she acted out how she got the rip in the back of her coat when Lorelei took her Gran to the Inn was hilarious!!

  15. 5 Feb 2020 la 12:41

    Thanks, Michele, for spreading the word about the blog :)

    Melissa McCarthy was hilarious so many times! :D

  16. 23 Feb 2020 la 10:56

    Have you got any more Gilmore girls things , sorry I can’t read Romanian

  17. 23 Feb 2020 la 21:02

    Donna, you look like a big fan of the Gilmore Girls series. I've written about the show in Romanian, but there's not many hidden gems like this unaired pilot. There are some other posts about shooting locations and stuff like that.

    But if you live in the US, you should deffinitely visit the Warner Bros studios where the show was filmed:


    I wanna go there one day...

  18. 1 Apr 2020 la 04:01

    Different Dean?

  19. 1 Apr 2020 la 12:37

    Yeah! Different many things!

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