Fake Blu-rays in China

Un articol despre pirateria din China spune ca:

Movie pirates have now taken advantage of a technological twist to make cheap copies that are difficult for consumers to spot, without resorting to expensive recordable Blu-ray discs. Thanks to AVC HD's superior video compression, the pirates re-encode Blu-ray movies to the AVC HD video format using a lower HD resolution of 720p instead of 1080p, which allows them to compress the video enough to place these re-encoded movies on ordinary blank DVDs. This process is carried out using easily available software.

The pirates then package these counterfeit discs in the familiar blue colour Blu-ray disc cases with cover art including holograms to make them look like the real thing. They also rely on the fact that many viewers cannot tell the difference between 720p and 1080p, especially since even 720p still offers a noticeably sharper picture on HDTV sets than upscaled standard definition DVDs. Some merchants on eBay are warning users to look out for these counterfeit discs, where one tip-off is to check how easily they attract fingerprints, as fingerprints show up stronger on real Blu-ray discs than the imitations.

Daca esti indeajuns de dobitoc sa crezi ca-ti cumperi din China filme pe Blu-ray cu 7 dolari, inseamna ca ai fi in stare sa testezi discuri cu amprenta. Eu zic ca ar trebui introduse si alte metode de testare, ca sa fii soto:

- discurile Blu-ray se rup mai usor decat DVD-urile

- discurile Blu-ray rezista doar 76 de secunde la microunde pe setarea maxima de dezghetzare, pe cand DVD-urile trec lejer de 90 de secunde

- discurile Blu-ray folosite pe post de frizbee parcurg in aer pana la 30 de metri, in timp ce discurile DVD doar 25 de metri


- discurile Blu-ray COSTA 30 USD, iar cele DVD (fake) 7 USD.

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