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Reddit e o platforma pe care fiecare posteaza ce-i vine in cap, de la discutii serioase pana la cele mai mari aberatii, de la poze amuzante pana la filme sau albume de muzica piratate. Intr-una din zilele trecute am descoperit o discutie inceputa de un tip care era curios cum invata fetele sa faca sex oral. O intrebare legitima, mai ales ca unul din subiectele despre care nu se vorbeste prea mult. Au venit multe raspunsuri, dar cel mai candid si mai amuzant e cel de mai jos. As spune ca e genial, chiar, prin inocenta cu care e scris. Si pare absolut adevarat, asa ca e mult mai interesant decat un articol pe aceeasi tema in Cancan sau Libertatea.

Intrebarea era: How do girls learn how to give oral? Ladies, how was your first time?

Cel mai misto raspuns ii apartine unei tipe cu nickname-ul kann20:

so seeing that it went well for you my information might not be needed by you. but if you would like to read it feel free but to anyone else who might need it here it is. for me I've said it before and am willing to say it again my first time at it was border line a murder attempt he just shoved it in. and not like i had started and he felt the need to take control because i was so bad. it was more like he asked if i would and i said sure and opened my mouth and was chocking on dick. i actually learned by moving on to a new relationship and taking my time to figure out what would work for me first and then trying to figure out what the guy would respond to positively .

also don't laugh please but it actually helped me when i first started out lil wayne song lollipop was out. and i actually got a general idea from that. and then realized all my favorite snacks kinda reference a dick. from Popsicle's to how i licked the cream out of a little Debby Swiss roll just kinda used that as a guide minus the teeth of course. and the funny thing was . the first time i did oral on the second guy i didn't tell him he was my second or i lacked experience in what i was doing. i just went at it taking my time and playing that song in my head, while also treating it like a Popsicle i wanted to last . and when i finally told him he was my second and how i was inexperienced in doing oral.

he thought i was lying because he said he never had a orgasm like that from a girl giving him oral before and actually ranked me as number two on his list. of best bj he has ever gotten i would have been number one but that was held. by a young lady who had swallowed and kept going twice without stopping and almost made him pass out. and seeing i wasn't into swallowing at that time i was placed in second. so just let her take her time and figure things out. both with what she is comfortable with and a way that is best with her. before she can even think about how she can pleasure you. because it's not a natural process in learning how to give a bj.

even when i compared it to me learning with a snack food the difference is the snack food wont be to upset if i'm a little toothy so i didn't have that issue. also when she becomes more comfortable in what she's doing. that's when you guide her and help her figure out what works best for you and what you like. you know what you like so this would be the time to tell her so she can give it to you. so i hope this helps anyone who needs it .

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