Disable MoovieLive in PowerDVD 9

If you hate MoovieLive and other bloatware that comes with PowerDVD, here's some tools to help you disable (and re-enable) some of those annoying features.

Enable/Disable MoovieLive: Enables/Disables MoovieLive and Movie Remix

Enable/Disable FullScreen: Enables/Disables FullScreen launch of movies and DVDs

Reset HD Dialog: Resets the High-Definition Content dialog - This comes in handy if you selected "Don't ask me this question again" and want to re-enable or disable TrueTheater Lightning and Smart De-interlace when playing High-Definition content.

Remove/Restore Startup Apps: Removes/Restores the Startup Applications - BDRegion, PDVD9LanguageShortcut and RemoteControl9 (Don't disable this one if you use a remote to controll PowerDVD)

Reset Visualization: Turns the Visualisation Off - Run this one if you selected a visualisation that crashes PowerDVD

Download patches here.

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    Thank you so much - perfect!

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