Au comis-o si cei de la BT Sport, cu sigla clubului Manchester United

BT Sport were caught out after they used a FAKE Manchester United crest for the coverage of their Champions League clash against Atalanta on Wednesday night. But some eagle-eyed football fans spotted the mishap from broadcasters BT during their updates of the game.

Instead of using the official Man Utd crest, the BT Sport Football app actually used an emblem from Design Crowd's unofficial Manchester United Logo Contest in 2013.

The fake badge looks incredibly similar to the real club logo but with some subtle changes, namely the shape of the middle section, and the style of the footballs on either side. After creating the unofficial crest eight years ago, the designer said: "The Manchester United logo is one of soccer's most recognized logos, therefore, I tried to keep most components similar. Perhaps fans do not really want a totally new logo, so instead, I have just modified and created an 'upgraded' one."

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