Ambitie si pasiune pentru muzica

Am descoperit o piesa pe coloana sonora a serialului "Bosch" (4x08) si am citit un comentariu postat in vara anului trecut pe Youtube care spune povestea unei vieti. Melodia e "Into Dust" a trupei Mazzy Star. Ascultati si... ascultati.

I used to paint to this when I was 19 living in a halfway house in Phoenix, AZ. I was getting clean from heroin and sober for the longest time since 17... a month. Talk about having all your emotions come out at the same time. I was fortunate to have oils and watercolors, my Pentax K1000 and my beautiful keyboard I recorded on and still do. I always felt like this music took me back... even when I was 14 and started high school listening to Pearl Jam and Radiohead, Depeche Mode and The Cure, slower songs always made me feel like my body was being taken back in time... like I wanted to go back. I feel that way now, ... I'm 38. I'm clean, and I have that same feeling as I did at 14 before I touched that stupid garbage. Being melancholy is just a part of some peoples personalities. If you can embrace it and make it your ally, it's kinda like a friendly ghost... ~cheers to all the music lovers

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