Amazing True Story

In 2003, a man named Juan Catalan was tried and convicted for murder. He had claimed he was at a Dodger game at the time of the crime. But he had no proof and the evidence was strong enough to convict him. His lawyer went back through the telecast of that game and tried to see if by some miracle he could spot Catalan in the stands. Of course he couldn’t. Then the lawyer learned that the night in question CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM was shooting a few scenes of Larry David at the game. He obtained the outtakes and talk about finding a needle in a haystack, there was his client in one of the shots. The tape was time coded which proved conclusively he was not at the scene of the crime at the time of the murder. Catalan was released and sued the city for police misconduct and received $320,000.

2 comentarii

  1. 24 Jun 2009 la 10:18

    La noi nu statea vreun avocat sa caute asa sarguincios. Isi lua banii si gata. (nu e valabil pentru toti avocatii, desigur...dar majoritatea asa ar fi facut)

  2. 24 Jun 2009 la 12:50

    in primul rand, a crezut in clientul lui. in al doilea rand, e vorba de o intamplare petrecuta in urma cu multi ani.

    vremurile s-au schimbat si ai dreptate, din pacate.

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