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  1. 8 Oct 2012 la 04:17

    Oh, the glamour...

  2. 8 Oct 2012 la 09:26

    Erm, say what? :-?

  3. 8 Oct 2012 la 12:02

    Well, there are a lot of activities that are seen as cool/ glamorous/ whatever and not requiring much effort at the same time. But that's not how things really are...

    "Oh, the glamour..." is something really ironic that I have in my head along with my crappiest moments whenever people tell me how great it is that programming is what I've chosen to do...

  4. 8 Oct 2012 la 12:14

    Hehehhehehe :))

    Very strong - foarte tare :D

  5. 8 Oct 2012 la 14:27

    October 2004, on a Thursday. I fell asleep during a lab and fell down with the chair. Didn't wake up until other people shook me to tell me we had to take some test. I hadn't slept since Saturday.

  6. 8 Oct 2012 la 16:48

    Wow! That's endurance...

    I've never gone more than 48 hours without sleep.

  7. 8 Oct 2012 la 19:10

    I was young. I was only 20.

  8. 8 Oct 2012 la 23:53

    L-am vazut, mersi!

    L-a pus unu' pe Facebook mai devreme :D

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