Alice Cooper talks about Marilyn Manson

I've been a fan of Alice Cooper since the 8th grade, when I started listening to other artists beside Michael Jackson and Patricia Kaas. It was then that I first heard AC/DC, Metallica, WASP and many more. I remember enjoying "School's Out", "Poison", "House of Fire" or "Hey Stoopid" the second I heard them. Thinking back, kids in my class had a really good taste in music.

I discovered Marilyn Manson on MTV in '96, when Toby Amies was hosting "Alternative Nation" and Manson had just launched "The Beautiful People". I was hooked on both the music and the visuals.

This video of Alice Cooper is from March 2018 and he talks about meeting Manson for the first. Where did this happen? Well, at the B'Estfest (formerly B'estival) festival in 2007. Great festival with an awesome lineup, yet poorly organized. The main stage was actually two stages put together! I was in the front row of the right stage, waiting for Manson and trying to catch a glimpse of Alice playing on the left stage. It was then that Alice and Manson did their first ever duet. Watch the video below cos Alice puts a spin on the story :)

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  1. 10 Jul 2018 la 15:41

    Didn't I show you this? Not Transylvania! Somebody get this man a fucking map for his birthday! Or Halloween, because he's born in February and that's still too far away... Bucharest is not in Transylvania!

    Also, Manson was on after him, not before. Alice couldn't have been before Manson because he had another show the next day so he had a plane to catch during Manson's set.

  2. 10 Jul 2018 la 23:29

    :)) imi amintesc si eu foarte bine ca Manson a fost dupa, dar nu stiam motivul :) oricum, asa ne aducem si noi aminte de faze de acum jdemii de ani, le mai infloreste creierul...

  3. 11 Jul 2018 la 07:42

    Unrelated, your pagination is broken. Click Aerosmith, then scroll down to pagination & click a page link.

  4. 11 Jul 2018 la 16:02

    Mersi frumos! Nu observasem. Am tot restrictionat accesul la diverse sectiuni ca sa raman cu cele mai importante, sa par si eu om serios, si s-a stricat paginarea. Am rezolvat-o :D

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