Aerosmith's "Rocks" on Kurt Cobain's Top 50 album list

kurt cobain top 50

Featured in Kurt Cobain’s Journals, this is a hand-scrawled list of his all-time favorite albums. Titled "Top 50 by Nirvana", it includes Aerosmith album "Rocks" from 1976. I wonder which of the 8 tracks was his favorite...

Back in the Saddle
Last Child
Rats in the Cellar
Sick as a Dog
Nobody's Fault
Get the Lead Out
Lick and a Promise
Home Tonight

My bet is on "Combination". Wha do y'all think?

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  1. 8 Dec 2012 la 16:00

    I'll vote for Sick as a Dog. But Combination does sound like a pretty good bet as well :) (and I hope it stays a setlist regular throughout next year :) )

  2. 8 Dec 2012 la 17:36

    Yes, fingers crossed for that!

  3. 8 Dec 2012 la 22:43

    I have a feeling you got that list from my facebook :D Also, you do know he was a massive Aeerosmith fan, right? You must've heard the Aero Zeppelin song and about the interviews where he talks seeing Aerosmith live and that sort of stuff.

  4. 9 Dec 2012 la 03:24

    I saw the list on your Facebook page first, then went from link to link to the original tumblr article.

    I don't know much about Nirvana, no. Unfortunately.

  5. 10 Dec 2012 la 04:30

    I'm not a GNR fan per se, but I do enjoy most of their stuff. I also enjoy about half of all Nirvana songs (official stuff) and I don't care about rivalries, generally. I can listen to both Tupac and Biggie, no worries :)

    Thanks for the info.

  6. 10 Dec 2012 la 05:39

    Speaking of "top 50" kind of lists, I stumbled onto this one.

    At first I thought I could never do something like that, way too complicated. Do I take into account live versions? That would change the order for some songs for me. Plus, there are a lot of songs that I started paying more attention to (and liking a lot better) after hearing some live versions.

    Then I actually started thinking about how I'd compile such a list... picking some from every album, then picking again from the ones I've picked... :-?

  7. 11 Dec 2012 la 06:07

    It's so hard to make a top 5, let alone a top 50!

    You should not take into account live versions. But I raise another question: what do we do with great unreleased tracks? :)

    I have a top 2: Dream On, then Pink. Good enough for me!

  8. 11 Dec 2012 la 07:12

    :) Yes, it is!

    Unreleased on a studio album, but present on a live/ compilation? Or never ever on an official album? :)

    My top 2, not taking into account live versions: Janie's Got a Gun, then Sick as a Dog. Taking into account live versions reverses the order. I'd probably put Draw the Line, No More No More and Seasons of Wither after that... again, thinking about live versions. It's so hard not to take them into account when I absolutely love the live stuff...

  9. 11 Dec 2012 la 21:42

    Not an Aerosmith fan, but I think I can have a say here as a music fan in general. I'd say that live songs count, and so do unreleased tracks. Anything done by the artist counts if you want to do a top of your preferences. Of course, preferably, if you are going to make it public you should try and aim for something that was recorded. Or try and find a recording of it (in these days it's hard for that not to happen, especially for big artists). For instance, my top 10 for Hendrix would be made up entirely of live versions, and Red House would probably be there with two or three performances. I don't know enough about Aerosmith, but most of the bands I like are different live than on record, so it makes a difference. And for Nirvana there are a lot of good things that were released after Kurt's death that should make any fans top.

    Also, when deciding what to include the best thing to do is convince yourself that you have a gun to your head and that you HAVE to give an answer. Take it seriously and you will eventually say something. You'll probably change your mind afterwards, and say its shit, but that's the only way to do it.

  10. 12 Dec 2012 la 08:17

    Ana and Myke, it's impossible to take into account live versions of songs. First of all because that's what they are, a live 'version', and secondly - do we take into account only the officially released live tracks? I mean, I have over 1 terabyte of live Aerosmith music that's not been offically released :)

    The plot thickens. When you include unreleased studio tracks, that's not fair to the ones officially released, primarily because the latter are polished and approved by the band. And what do you do with covers? Can you put a cover and an original composition on the same list?

    It's all so complicated... even deciding on the rules is a nightmare :))

  11. 12 Dec 2012 la 09:15

    My answer is yes to all. If all you understand from a live performance is that it is just a version of a recorded song then I've obviously overestimated your understanding of music. And think of this: what comes first - practice or rules? Rules are made in accordance with practice. If it is something you are doing, you can set the rules as you like, if you take part in something established, you follow those rules. It is quite simple: if you can set your own rules, you just follow what you find best in your interest, since it is something that concerns solely you. (Don't take the latter part too seriously, it is just the readings I've been doing recently messing with my head, it is just a complicated way of saying you can do whatever you want)

  12. 12 Dec 2012 la 10:12

    Rules need to be set logically. But what are we discussing here, anyway?

    Yes, live tracks are versions of a song that may exist as a recording or not. You can't tell me that two live versions of "Dream On" are two different songs!

    Dream Theater sounds almost the same live as they do on their studio albums. Is that good, is that bad?

    What is your understanding of music?

  13. 12 Dec 2012 la 10:41

    Thing is, live versions can make you appreciate a song more. For example, What It Takes with the way Steven sings the beginning, Rats in the Cellar or Sweet Emotion with the extended jam parts at the end which are just smokin' hot

    And you may like one live version better than another. For example, if you remember that alarmist Toronto concert review where the author was imagining things and seeing playful gestures (like Steven's bumping into Joe or balancing the mic stand towards him) as aggressive, he mentioned something about Dream On... so I looked for live versions from both concerts and compared them side by side. And while I, unlike the author, didn't see any kind of tension between them during the November clip, I did like the June clip better because it seemed wilder.

  14. 13 Dec 2012 la 19:21

    Okay, so it's about experience. It's about live versions or what you were doing when you heard a certain song for the first time. So personal experience can change your perspective on certain songs, but you will need to take into account the original recording when drawing up a list of top songs from a band.

  15. 13 Dec 2012 la 21:35

    Certainly. I'm never going to forget the first time I listened to Jaded while doing my maths homework. Or the first time I listened to Sick As a Dog - studio album version, mind you. I thought I would go to sleep afterwards, but I ended up playing it over and over and over again... until morning. A bit ironic thinking how the song goes... - "say goodnight..." And I thought I couldn't love it more than I already did, but then I heard Live! Bootleg...

    Curse you and your scratching of my memories, I almost got tears in my eyes now...

  16. 14 Dec 2012 la 12:58


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