Aerosmith to hold Las Vegas residency in 2018

Rumors that Aerosmith would hold a mini-residency in Las Vegas proved untrue in 2015, but this time it looks like it's gonna happen - next fall.

Steven Tyler will probably go on tour with Loving Mary in the US throughout the summer, while Joe is in Europe playing with the Hollywood Vampires.

Park Theatre, rumored to be the chosen location for next year's residency, is located at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino and holds 5200 people. Artists taking the 41x12m stage next year include Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin, Bruno Mars and Cher.

Fans in Europe will just have to wait until 2019, when the Aerosmith anniversary/final global tour is planned.

4 comentarii

  1. 29 Dec 2017 la 06:10

  2. 29 Dec 2017 la 17:14

    :D americanii sa fie sanatosi!

  3. 10 Jan 2018 la 21:33

    Se reunesc vampirii! Tommy e in avion in drum spre Los Angeles. Si de Joe cred ca stii ca a ajuns deja acolo.

  4. 10 Jan 2018 la 22:24

    Fucking A! Superb :D

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