Administratorul contului Aerosmith in social media a apreciat un cover al piesei "Dream On"

Vivek Agrawal este un compozitor din India care a ajuns cunoscut dupa ce administatorul contului Aerosmith a apreciat una din postarile sale. Este vorba despre un cover la piesa "Dream On", reorchestrata de Agrawal si interpretata de Sachin Premasuthan.

Ever imagine an @aerosmith classic sprinkled with Indian qawwali vibes? Well imagine no more, because I’m excited to share my latest cover - Dream On.⁣ ⁣After I put together the arrangement, Sachin Premasuthan from @eventuallyepic killed it on the vocals with his versatility in classic rock and Indian classical music, and with the help of new friends @jennapascual and @kabirsa1 they made an awesome music video together, all shot socially distant of course!

Chiar suna bine!

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