10 tips on how to pick-up women

Am un prieten care-i tatalor cand vine vorba de astfel de tactici, dar am si prieteni la polul opus. In orice caz, cel mai important aspect este sa intelegi cum se pot folosi sugestiile de mai jos si in alte domenii, cum ar fi intalnirile de afaceri, discutiile cu amicii etc.

1. Approach lots of women

I say this because if you don't speak to someone you're going to be alone on Valentine's Day. Even if you completely suck with girls, by sheer weight of numbers alone if you approach 50 girls at least one is going to go on a date with you. Start simple with maybe only 5 approaches a day in everyday places like the street and bookstores in the build up to Valentine's Day, then on the big day itself approach 50 women. I'll be impressed if you actually make it to 50 before your phone is jam packed with text messages from girls you've just met.

2. Make sure you ask a question at the end of a text message

One of the biggest mistakes I see guys do is text a girl a statement with no question at the end. If you don't ask for a reply to a text message you won't get one. Saying something like "hey it was nice to meet you" doesn't encourage her to write to you. Instead finish all text messages with a question, something like "... and do you prefer chocolate or ice cream?" This is going to keep the messages flowing as well as letting you know what her prefered date dessert will be.

3. Getting a conversation started is simple if you use a compliment

But the days of calling out "Oy Oy Lovely Legs" has long gone. Compliments should always be delivered with a reason why it's being given. For example, try telling a girl you love the way her jacket compliments her shoes and how that look really stands out. Taking the time to give a reason for a compliment gives it a better chance of being believed and therefore a better chance of getting you in!

4. Find commonalities

Hanging around a girl who has nothing in common with you gets boring and if she isn't interested in your favourite things she's going to get bored too. When you first get talking find out her career plans, hobbies, movies and music. If you can find 3 things in common you're going to find the conversation gets easier, and things naturally begin to escalate. If not move on, after all there's still another 49 to get talking to!

5. Most men suffer from Premature Eject-ulation

That is they leave far too quickly and eject from the conversation. Any girl worth talking to will have been approached by thousands of men in her lifetime and will be used to dismissing them quickly. She needs to see you're the one who's better than the rest. Don't make the mistake of walking away when the conversation gets quiet or difficult. Make a point of only leaving if she actually asks you to leave.

6. Make dating fun!

Dinner and a movie has been done to death. Should she see it with you? or one of the other 200 guys who asked her out this week. Invite her out to a late night at the aquarium or to paint pottery at an arts and crafts cafe and you can be sure you're the only person to have asked her on that date today. This is going to help you stand out from the crowd and ensure you have a much better chance on the date.

7. Ask more than one girl out

Yes it's going to make you a bit of a player, but almost every single hot girl I've ever met stacks her chances on Valentine's Day, after all who says they aren't going to flake on you and leave you all alone? I'd stagger 3 dates throughout the afternoon to evening. If one of them is going particularly well and you don't want to meet the others then you can simply call in sick. It sucks for them unless they're reading this guide too, because then they'd have options as well.

8. Text the girl in the morning before the date telling her you're going to be 5 minutes late as your day is really busy and ask if that's ok

This may sound ridiculous but it will give her the opportunity to cancel if she's on the fence about coming out and stop you getting stood up waiting for someone who isn't going to show.

9. Treat her like your girlfriend on the date

Don't do the awkward thing of shuffling your feet and wondering if you should or shouldn't hug her. Give her a big hug, a kiss on the cheek and then link arms. Start a date like this and add in a few simple acts of chivalry like opening doors and pulling her chair in at the table for her and you're on to a winner!

10. Multiple venues are better than one

If you want to bring her home, or get back to hers she needs to be used to being with you in multiple locations. If you go to a coffee shop, the aquarium, bowling and an ice cream shop all in one night, she's going to be much more likely to agree to heading back to yours to finish the night off with a movie than if you just went for dinner and tried the same trick. Remember a first kiss on a sofa whilst a romantic movie is on in the background is better than a bad fumble on the doorstep.

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