Pasiunea pentru Woody Allen

Acum cateva zile, Woody Allen a implinit 79 de ani. Tocmai a terminat filmarile la cel de-al 45-lea lung metraj, despre care IMDb ne spune ca va fi bun:

On a small town college campus, a philosophy professor in existential crisis gives his life new purpose when he enters into a relationship with his student.

La 50 de ani de la primul film in care a jucat, am zis ca e timpul sa revad filmografia acestui geniu. Mai jos gasiti lista de filme si, daca va lipseste vreunul din colectie, dati-mi de stire. Vizionare placuta :D

Year Film Writer Director Actor IMDb Format
1965 What's New Pussycat? Yes Yes 6.2 BDRemux
1966 What's Up, Tiger Lily? Yes Yes Yes 6.1 DVD5
1967 Casino Royale Yes 5.2 BDRemux
1969 Take the Money and Run Yes Yes Yes 7.3 DVD5
1971 Men of Crisis: The Harvey Wallinger Story Yes Yes Yes 5.7 VHS rip .avi
Bananas Yes Yes Yes 7.1 HDTV 720p
1972 Play It Again, Sam Yes Yes 7.7 WEB-DL 720p
Everything You Always Wanted
to Know About Sex(But Were Afraid to Ask)
Yes Yes Yes 6.8 HDTV 1080i
1973 Sleeper Yes Yes Yes 7.3 BDRemux
1975 Love and Death Yes Yes Yes 7.8 HDTV 1080i
1976 The Front Yes 7.4 BDRemux
1977 Annie Hall Yes Yes Yes 8.2 BDRemux
1978 Interiors Yes Yes 7.5 WEB-DL 720p
1979 Manhattan Yes Yes Yes 8.0 BDRemux
1980 Stardust Memories Yes Yes Yes 7.4 WEB-DL 720p
1982 A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy Yes Yes Yes 6.7 HDTV 1080i
1983 Zelig Yes Yes Yes 7.8 DVD5
1984 Broadway Danny Rose Yes Yes Yes 7.5 BDRemux
1985 The Purple Rose of Cairo Yes Yes 7.7 HDTV 720p
1986 Hannah and Her Sisters Yes Yes Yes 8.0 BDRemux
1987 Radio Days Yes Yes Yes 7.6 BDRemux
September Yes Yes 6.6 DVD5
King Lear Yes 5.8 DVD5
1988 Another Woman Yes Yes 7.4 HDTV 1080i
1989 New York Stories (Oedipus Wrecks segment) Yes Yes Yes 6.4 BDRemux
Crimes and Misdemeanors Yes Yes Yes 8.0 BDRemux
1990 Alice Yes Yes 6.6 HDTV 1080i
1991 Scenes from a Mall Yes 5.2 BDRemux
1992 Shadows and Fog Yes Yes Yes 6.8 DVD5
Husbands and Wives Yes Yes Yes 7.6 WEB-DL 720p
1993 Manhattan Murder Mystery Yes Yes Yes 7.4 WEB-DL 720p
1994 Bullets Over Broadway Yes Yes 7.5 BDRemux
Don't Drink the Water Yes Yes Yes 6.3 DVD5
1995 The Sunshine Boys Yes 5.7 DVD5
Mighty Aphrodite Yes Yes Yes 7.1 BDRemux
1996 Everyone Says I Love You Yes Yes Yes 6.8 BDRemux
1997 Deconstructing Harry Yes Yes Yes 7.4 DVD5
1998 Celebrity Yes Yes 6.3 BDRemux
The Impostors Yes 6.5 DVD5
1999 Sweet and Lowdown Yes Yes Yes 7.3 HDTV 720p
2000 Company Man Yes 5.4 DVD5 FS
Small Time Crooks Yes Yes Yes 6.7 BDRemux
Picking Up the Pieces Yes 4.7 DVD9
2001 The Curse of the Jade Scorpion Yes Yes Yes 6.8 BDRemux
Sounds from a Town I Love Yes Yes 6.4 DVD5
2002 Hollywood Ending Yes Yes Yes 6.6 BDRemux
2003 Anything Else Yes Yes Yes 6.4 WEB-DL 720p
2004 Melinda and Melinda Yes Yes 6.5 WEB-DL 1080p
2005 Match Point Yes Yes 7.7 BDRemux
2006 Scoop Yes Yes Yes 6.7 BDRemux
2007 Cassandra's Dream Yes Yes 6.8 BDRemux
2008 Vicky Cristina Barcelona Yes Yes 7.2 BDRemux
2009 Whatever Works Yes Yes 7.2 BDRemux
2010 You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Yes Yes 6.3 BDRemux
2011 Midnight in Paris Yes Yes 7.7 BDRemux
2012 Paris-Manhattan     Yes 6.2 BDRemux
To Rome with Love Yes Yes Yes 6.3 BDRemux
2013 Blue Jasmine Yes Yes   7.3 BDRemux
2013 Fading Gigolo     Yes 6.3 BDRemux
2014 Magic in the Moonlight Yes Yes   6.8 BDRemux